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CADIX Software

The CADIX program (Computer Assisted Design for Ion eXchange) is a comprehensive ion exchange engineering tool for system design and evaluation of existing plant performance. CADIX allows design of both co-flow and counter-flow regenerated systems for softener and demineralization applications using DOWEX™ ion exchange resins.

CADIX allows an economic comparison of co-current and counter-current regeneration for your particular system. CADIX also provides details on the benefits of the UPCORE™ counter-current regeneration system for your plant.

CADIX 6.2 is now available for download with the same features as version 6.1, including easier navigation and increased flexibility in making plant designs. CADIX 6.2 has been updated for more optimum installation with the WINDOWS® 7 operating system. As the technical content of the program is unchanged, CADIX 6.1 users do not need to convert to CADIX 6.2 at this time.