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Every natural ingredient used to make our foods and beverages has unique properties which define the characteristics of the final product such as taste, color and texture. A cow’s diet affects the taste of the cheese her milk is used to make. The grapes that become wine absorb flavors from the soil in which they grow. Water from different sources has different mineral profiles. This variability can pose a challenge for food and beverage manufacturers.

Dow Water & Process Solutions products help manage natural variability and ensure the quality and consistency of food and beverage products. Our products include a wide variety of ion exchange resins, chromatographic media, adsorbents, reverse osmosis elements and nanofiltration membranes, all approved for food use. From refining high-fructose corn syrup and debittering juice to chromatographically separating sugars and concentrating maple sap, Dow Water & Process Solutions can help you develop and manage your food and beverage products.

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